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Green Technology Industries LLP

Project Name: a plant for the processing of polyethylene terephthalate (PET bottles) and production of staple fiber.

Foreign participation: Hong Kong General Industry And Commerce Co Ltd (PRC)

Project Cost: Us $ 20 million

Number of jobs: 250

General information: In ordabasi district of Turkestan region there is a plant for processing polyethylene terephthalate (PET bottles) and staple fiber production. With the full launch of the plant, more than 250 jobs will be created in production. Investors in the project were the Kazakh company "GreenTechnology Industries" together with a foreign partner-the company "Hong Kong General Industry And Commerce Co Ltd" (China).

The plant located on the territory of the industrial zone "Kazakh-Turkish industrial zone" currently launched the production of the first stage: washing, drying and crushing of PET waste, which has already employed 73 people. Now the company has started to launch the next stage - the organization of production of staple fiber.

KAZAKH INVEST assisted in connecting the project to the gas supply networks, as well as in obtaining a work visa for the management and specialists of the company - a foreign partner.

According to official statistics, 5-6 million tons of solid waste are accumulated annually in Kazakhstan, of which about 150-200 thousand tons are PET waste. However, only a small proportion of MSW, from 3% to 5% according to various estimates, is recycled or recycled. This project is unique in that "Green Technology Industries" LLP for the first time in Kazakhstan will process PET waste with the production of finished products-staple fiber. First, this type of synthetic fiber is not wrinkled, does not fade and retains high strength for a long time. Secondly, things made of it are pleasant to the touch, easy to wash and dry quickly. In addition, it has such an important property as hypoallergenic.

Also, the products of LLP "Green Technology Industries" will be used in building mixtures and will allow to achieve many effects that contribute to improving the quality of construction work, such as increasing the strength characteristics of concrete, obtaining smooth and high-quality surfaces, better sealing during vibration, better adhesion to other materials, increasing resistance to sudden temperature changes, a high degree of protection against moisture penetration and resistance to various chemicals.

Polyester fibers can also be used to produce consumables for filament in three-dimensional printing, used for printing on a 3D printer. This material is a plastic thread with a cross section of 1.75 or 3 mm. Polyester fiber is not only textile products, but also construction, as well as a material for the printing industry in the manufacture of the final model of objects and so on.

The total cost of the project is us $ 20 million. It is planned that annually the plant will produce 50,000 tons of finished products.

REFERENCE: "Hong Kong General Industry And Commerce Co Ltd" (Hong Kong) is a subsidiary of the international holding TIANRUN GROUP. The company is the largest manufacturer and exporter of sectional heating radiators and has production facilities in China and Europe. The turnover of the holding is $400 million per year.

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