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Turkestan (KAZ. Turkistan is a city in southern Kazakhstan, near the Syrdarya river. Since June 19, 2018, it is the administrative center of Turkestan region (formerly called South Kazakhstan). One of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan. Located 160 km Northwest of Shymkent on the Tashkent railway between Kyzylorda and Tashkent.

Turkestan region is located in the South of Kazakhstan, within the Eastern part of the Turan lowland and the Western spurs of the Tien Shan. Most of the territory is flat, with bumpy ridge Sands Kyzylkum, Shardara steppe (in the South-West, on the left Bank of the Syr Darya) and moyynkum (in the North, on the left Bank of the Chu).

The Northern part is occupied by the Betpak-Dala desert, in the extreme South — the Hungry steppe (Myrzashol). The middle part of the region is occupied by the Karatau ridge (mount Bessaz-2176 m), in the South-East-the Western outskirts of Talas Alatau, Karzhantau ranges (height up to 2824 m) and Ugam (the highest point — Sairam peak-4238 m).

The largest rivers — Syr Darya (with tributaries Keles, Kurukkeles, Arys, Bugun, etc.) crosses the territory of the region from South to North-West, and the river Chu (lower course), flowing in the North and lost in the Sands of moynkum.

The region is located in the zone of sharply continental climate. Fertile soils, plenty of sunlight, extensive pastures create great opportunities for the development of various branches of agriculture in this area, primarily irrigation agriculture and sheep grazing. High yields are given by crops of cotton, rice, as well as gardens and vineyards.

The administrative-territorial structure of the region includes 13 districts and 3 cities of regional subordination:

  • Baidibek district;
  • Kazygurt district;
  • Maktaaral district;
  • Ordabasinsky district;
  • Otyrar district;
  • Sairam district;
  • Saryagash district;
  • Suzak district;
  • Tolebi district;
  • Tulkubas district;
  • Shardara district;
  • Zhetysay district;
  • Keles district;
  • G. A. Arys;
  • G. A. Kentau;
  • G. A. Turkestan. 


116,280 sq km.

Regional center

Turkestan, major cities-Kentau, Arys.

Neighboring regions and countries:

in the North — Karaganda, in the East — Zhambyl, in the South — Uzbekistan, in the West-Kyzylorda.

in the South-West with Uzbekistan, in the South East with Kyrgyzstan.; Saryagash and Maktaaral district district borders with Uzbekistan.

Climatic conditions

They are extremely diverse. A characteristic feature of the climate is the abundance of insolation and heat resources. Summers are sultry, long and extremely dry. The winter is short, with frequent thaws, the snow cover is small and unstable. The average annual air temperature varies over the region from 8 to 9 ° C, increasing as it moves from north to south. January is the coldest month of the year, its average temperature ranges from -1 ° С (south) to - & nbsp; 1О ° С (north). The absolute minimum temperature in some years reaches - 30-35 ° С, and in some areas even up to - 38-39 ° С. The hottest month is July, the highest values ​​of the average July air temperature (29-30 ° С) are in Kyzyl Kum, the lowest - in the mountainous (20-24 ° С) and the lowest - in the high mountain regions. In summer, on some days in the south of the region the temperature may rise up to 45-47 ° С, in the north - up to 43-44 ° С.

The annual amount of precipitation in the flat part of the region is only 130-250 mm, in the foothills 400-700 mm and more. However, precipitation is unstable, and in some years its amount fluctuates within large limits. In areas with poor precipitation (plain), in the driest years, 80-100 mm falls per year, on the contrary, in record-breaking years - up to 300-400 mm, in mountainous regions the amount of precipitation ranges from 300-500 to 1000-1400, respectively. mm. There are two maximum precipitation in spring and autumn. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in March and April, the least (5-7%) - in summer. The first half of autumn is dry. Winter-spring precipitation is 70-80% of the annual.

Key socio-economic indicators


(on October 1, 2020, thousand people)

2 038,0

(October 2020, to December 2019, %)


Unemployment rate
(III quarter 2020, %)


(for 6 months of 2020, %)


Average monthly salary
(III quarter of 2020, tenge)

148 636


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