Socio-entrepreneurial Corporation

JSC "National company "Social- entrepreneurial corporation "Shymkent" was established in 2011 in order to facilitate the social-economic development of South Kazakhstan. Company was established according to the Decree No. 170 of the Akimat of the South Kazakhstan region dated July 20, 2011 with 100% state participation.

Social-entrepreneurial corporation "Shymkent" is a organization managing the state assets transferred to it (land plots, subsoil use rights, movable and immovable property objects). The profit received as a result of their effective use should be directed to finance the commercial and social projects.

There are 16 legal entities in the assets of SEC "Shymkent", including: 8 enterprises with 100% participation of the Company, 7 - less than 100%, 1 - on the right of trust management, and land resources with area of 41.4 thousand hectares. The structure of the SEC activities is built in such a way as to ensure the effective implementation of projects and attract investment.

"SEC" Shymkent" plays not insignificant role in making a dialogue of state bodies and private business. The organization works in the following directions:

  • Development and implementation of investment projects. the investor service Department "Ontustik Invest" was established on the basis of the corporation.
  • Development of housing construction;
  • Formation of the food stabilization fund;
  • Development of secondary energy resources;
  • Exploration, extraction and processing of minerals;
  • Projects aimed at the development of information technology and much more.

JSC NC "SEC" Shymkent "consists of 12 subsidiaries and affiliated organizations, in five of which" SEC "Shymkent" takes 100% participation. They are such companies as:

  • Transport-logistic zone" managing company LLP
  • "Industrial zones management company " Ontustik " LLP
  • NGO "Ontustik food company ", as well as on trust management
  • JSC "Management сompany of the special economic zone" Ontustik ".


Mission of SEC «Shymkent – assistance to the socio-economic development of Shymkent on the principles of partnership between the state and business.

The main principles of the Corporation's activities are:

  • Partnership with the private sector: The corporation carries out activities in sectors of the economy that are not occupied or partially occupied by the private sector, stimulates the business development, creates conditions for its growth without competing with it.
  • Active investment management:Corporation seeks to fulfill the role of an active shareholder (participant) initiating key business development decisions in contrast to portfolio investors.
  • Active cost management:Corporation implements a policy of minimizing costs while performing its functions.
  • Social responsibility:: In order to implement the principle of social responsibility, the Corporation plans to direct the part of the net profit to the local budget by the decision of a single shareholder within the dividend policy.
  • Partnership with other participants for business development assistance:Corporation works in coordination with financial and non-financial development institutions, companies with state participation, second-tier banks to avoid duplication.


Company acts according to the «Strategy of SEC «Shymkent» development for 2014–2023 years», approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the following basic directions:

  • development of priority sectors of the region (points of growth);
  • attracting the investments and creation of new productions;
  • implementation of sectoral republican and regional programs;
  • increasing asset costs.

Development strategy is one of the main documents of the Company determining the main lines of business and financial and economic indicators.



32 A Baydibek bi Avenu (corner of Argynbekov street), Shymkent city, Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Work schedule:

Mn - Fr: 09.00 a.m.- 07.00 p.m. 
Lunch break: 01.00 p.m. - 03.00 p.m.

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