The 17th region of Kazakhstan is the most densely populated territory with a huge development potential in 15+ areas. The diversity of universities, colleges and technical schools allows you to get more than 155 thousand trained specialists of various professions.

The successful location of the region on the former Silk Road contributes to the well-established transport links with Europe, China and many developed cities and countries, creating a spacious market for goods.

Fertile soil and plenty of sunlight contribute to the development of almost all branches of agriculture. High-speed construction of industrial and residential buildings, health institutions. Cultural life is maintained at a high level, thanks to the work of 734 objects that draw attention to art.


The volume of industrial production in January-August 2018 amounted to 290 billion tenge. Compared with January-August 2017, the industrial production index amounted to the Turkestan region amounted to 97%.


The gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in January-August 2018 amounted to 250 billion tenge, which is 240% higher than the national average.

Small and medium enterprises

As of September 1, 2018, the number of operating entities of ICP in the region was 128 thousand or 11% of the total number in Kazakhstan. More than half of existing SMEs are employed in a peasant or farm.

Investment field

Investments in fixed assets of the region amounted to 142 billion tenge. In connection with the transfer of the regional center to the city of Turkestan, in 2019 a significant increase in capital inflows is expected due to an increase in construction.

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