Turkestan is geographically located in the center of Central Asia and is the crossroads of all land communications in the region, one of the most important transport hubs of the Republic. The "Great silk Road" approved for thousands of years testifies to the advantageous geographical location of Turkestan. The shortest trade transport routes connecting Europe and Asia pass through the territory of modern Turkestan region.

Road transport and roads

Length of roads: 7 198 km.
Turkestan region has convenient connections by highways:

  • Tashkent-Shymkent-Taraz-Almaty;
  • Tashkent-Shymkent-Turkestan-Samara;
  • Western Europe – Western China.
International bus station "Turkestan"
Address: Turkestan, residential area "Yntymak" b/n
Phone: +7 (725)2-61-03-10

Rail transport

Road length: 915.6 km.

Long-distance trains pass through the region, which enable passengers to reach the cities of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In addition, the Turkestan region is located on the axis of the Orenburg – Tashkent international highway and the Turkestan-Siberian highway.

Turkestan railway station
Address: Turkestan, Abylay Khan str.
Phone: 8 (7253) 352-555

Air transport

In September 2020, the technical opening of the airport took place with the participation of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev. From December 1, 2020, the 1st flight on the Nur-Sultan - Turkestan route was carried out by the Fly Arystan airline. The international airport of Turkestan (Khazret Sultan) will serve 3 million passengers a year.

Gas Supply

Main gas pipelines passing through the territory of Turkestan region:

  • MG BGR-TBA (Bukhara gas-bearing region Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty;
  • MG Central Asia China;
  • MG Gazli Shymkent;
  • MG Beineu Shymkent.

Energy infrastructure

The distribution of electricity in the region is engaged in the local energy company LLP "ontutik Zharyk Transit".

The total length of air lines in the region is 27 189.4 km, the number of intermediate stations and transformers 7630 units.

Heat Supply

In Turkestan region heat supply is carried out from 5 centralized heat sources: CHPP No. 3 in Shymkent, CHPP No. 5 in Kentau, Central boiler houses in Turkestan, Arys and Lenger city of tolebiy district. The total length of thermal networks in Turkestan region is 590.2 km, including: Shymkent-411.6 km, Kentau-155 km, Turkestan-13 km, Arys-7.9 km, Lenger-2.7 km.

Tariffs for industrial and municipal services


Name of services




for individuals:
  • for 1 kW/hour – 14.65 tenge;
for legal entities:
  • for 1 kW/hour – 25.32 tenge.
2. Thermal energy State enterprise "Kentauservis", Kentau
for individuals:
  • 1m2-103.88 tenge;
for legal entities:
  • 1 Gcal-20 758.7 tenge (without metering device)
  • 1 Gcal – 13 474,9 tenge (with metering devices).

GKP "Zhylu", Turkestan
for individuals:
  • 1m2-107.4 tenge;

for legal entities:
  • 1 Gcal-15 024,7 tenge (without metering device)
  • 1 Gcal – 8764.4 tenge (with metering devices).
3. Natural gas for individuals:
  • for 1 m3 – 32.4 tenge;
for legal entities:
  • for 1 m3 – 35.47 tenge
4. Water Supply for individuals:
  • for 1 m3 – 58.35 tenge;
for legal entities:
  • for 1 m3 – 152.57 tenge;
5. Sewage GKP "Turkistan-su", Turkestan
for individuals:
  • for 1 m3 – 57.75 tenge;
for legal entities:
  • for 1 m3 – 120.84 tenge;
6. Garbage collection for legal entities:
  • for 1 m3 - 2,100.00 tenge.

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